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We are a technical event production company with extensive experience in creating, and delivering memorable, functional events for corporate clients and theatre and arts bodies.

From corporate conferences to Gala award functions, we can offer a solution to make an event stand out.

Constantly investing in our inventory of AV equipment, we are able to supply the full package, including, PA, microphones, lecterns, staging and lighting to large scale, breath-taking high-resolution LED screens.

With 25 years of experience, we will ensure your event is perfect! Meticulous planning and detailed site visits keep our clients informed of what is required for their special event.


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CompleteAV Solutions

We have the capabilities to provide services for:

Over the years we have found that taking the time to truly understand and anticipate the needs of our customer has ensured that we have secured a loyal client base. Twenty years of experience has given us an appreciation of the dynamic nature of the AV industry. Remaining at the forefront of AV installation means more than just having our finger on the pulse with regard to new technologies. We know that the true key to success is translating these into workable solutions to ensure that you stay well ahead of the game.

  • Full Production Package

  • Live Streaming Event

  • LED Screen Hire

  • Church Webcam AV Installation

  • Full Motion Race Simulator

  • Indoor & Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire

LED Screen Hire Ireland

The highest resolution available in the UK & Ireland.

Our 4mm pixel pitch weatherproof LED screen is the highest resolution outdoor screen currently available in the UK or Ireland. A refresh rate of 3840 Hz and brightness levels of 5500 nits is well above our competitors and eliminates screen flicker.

LED Screen Installation

Stand out during even the brightest sunshine.

Whether it’s for advertising, sports, digital signage, town centres or simply public information, LED screens makes sense. With brightness levels that allow it to stand out during even the brightest sunshine, LED Screens get noticed.

LED Screen Installation Ireland
Event Live Streaming

Event Live Streaming

Event broadcasting & live streaming Ireland

With all the work that goes into organising your event it would be a shame to have nothing but pictures to show for it. We can now stream your event, in full 1080P High Definition, live to anywhere in the world, or simply the room downstairs!

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